What is the conventional motorcycle equivalent of my PURSANG E-Track?

The PURSANG E-Track’s powerful and efficient 11Kw BOSCH motor is equivalent to a conventional motorcycle with a 4-stroke 400cc internal combustion engine.

What kind of maintenance does an electric motorcycle require?

An electric motorcycle like the PURSANG E-Track requires much less maintenance than a conventional motorcycle with a combustion engine. You will only have to worry about your wheels, brakes and enjoying your motorcycle’s smooth ride.

Can I take my PURSANG to any mechanic?

The simplicity of PURSANG E-Track technology means that you should not have to visit the mechanic very often. When you do need to take care of any regular maintenance (such as changing your brakes or wheels), you can do so with your regular mechanic. Due to the fact that PURSANG E-Tracks are low voltage motorcycles, any mechanic should be equipped to take care of their maintenance.

What license do I need to drive an electric motorcycle?

You can drive a PURSANG E-Track with an A1 license or a B car license if you have had it for more than 3 years.

Is it for two passengers?

Yes, the PURSANG E-Track is homolged for two passengers and has rear footrests.

Are there any public assistance opportunities available for the purchase of electric motorcycles?

Yes, there are. Different countries have different options. In Spain, for example, the MOVES Plan offers purchase aids as well as reductions in municipal taxes, exemptions from registration taxes and free tolls. These bonuses also differ between autonomous communities and municipalities. Feel free to contact us and we will help you figure out what your options are.

What do I need to charge my electric motorcycle?

All you need is a 220V power outlet. In terms of placement, it depends on whether you are using a private outlet or a public charging station in a parking lot. When buying a PURSANG, we will advise you on this process.

For your convenience, you can also partially charge the batteries as well as charge them after every use.

What does it cost to charge my electric motorcycle?

The consumption of the PURSANG E-Track is 7.2Kw/100km. With an energy cost of 0.12€/kW, the overall cost amounts to approximately 0.88€/100km.

How long does a PURSANG’s battery last?

The PURSANG E-Track’s batteries are designed by BOSCH and have an estimated duration of 3000 recharges. That means that they have an estimated service life of at least 10 years. From then on their performance will reduce to about 80%.

What warranty does my PURSANG have?

The warranty of our BOSCH engine and batteries is 2 years.