New Pursang

An incredible motorcycle was born in 1967. It was a motocross motorcycle with exceptional features that quickly became a legend. This motorcycle stopped being produced in 1984.

Today, our goal is to revive this motorcycle by modernizing it in accordance with the latest technologies and with an electric motor. Today, a legend will come back to life.

PURSANG Motorcycles is Jim Palau-Ribes’ dream.

After having worked in various countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and France and in companies such as Mazda, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Lamborghini, Seat, Audi and GASGAS-Torrot, Jim left everything behind to create PURSANG Motorcycles.

Pursang motorcycle


The Spanish company was born in 2018 in Barcelona as a result of the ambition of Jim Palau-Ribes and his desire to anticipate mobility trends by providing an electric motorcycle that still has attractive aesthetics and fun, dynamic performance.

PURSANG Motorcycles took on the challenge of building the E-Track model from scratch and it’s now ready to be marketed. 


Ecology and Diversity

The PURSANG E-Track represents a new concept of electric motorcycles made for motorcycle lovers. It’s an elegant motorcycle that’s ideal for moving around inside and outside the city.

The E-Track is powered by an 11kW Bosch engine that uses three 48V batteries and has a total power capacity of 7.2kW (2.4kW per battery). This gives the E-Track 140 kilometers of range and a maximum speed of 110 km/h. The batteries take 6 hours to recharge.

The E-Track has 3 driving modes: Go, Cruise and Boost. They have 140, 115 and 80 kilometers of range respectively. It also has a Crawl mode, which allows the motorcycle to advance slowly alongside you while you’re walking. Crawl Reverse mode also helps facilitate different maneuvers.

The future is now

The market for electric motorcycles is in full bloom. Sales of these models still make up a minority of the market, but more and more brands have electric models in their catalogues. Other brands, like PURSANG Motorcycles, focus on electric models specifically.

“The future of mobility is green. The time has come to bet on it”

Sustainable mobility is increasingly prioritized in a society that’s aware of the importance of being environmentally conscious. However, sustainability doesn’t have to be boring.

The PURSANG E-Track is a viable example of that fact: it’s an electric motorcycle that adds a touch of fun to daily commutes while helping reduce pollution, stemming from both emissions and noise, in cities.