The PURSANG E-Track is an 100% electric motorcycle. It’s a motorcycle 100% without

  • Gasoline
  • A clutch
  • Spark plugs
  • A carburetor
  • Fumes
  • Noise

an electric, efficient and eco-friendly motor that will allow you to travel wherever you want to go.


You can charge the batteries of your PURSANG E-Track using any domestic outlet or public charging station.
You can charge your PURSANG batteries at home, at work, in your parking lot or at the thousands of charging stations that are being set up in the cities we service.
Your PURSANG only requires 6 hours for a full charge. You can leave your motorcycle charging at night and start the next day with full power.


The PURSANG E-Track comes equipped with a high-performing motor designed by BOSCH.
Its technology allows you to choose between 3 driving modes: BOOST, CRUISE or GO.
These modes give the PURSANG an average range of 140km:

  • 80km in BOOST mode driving on a highway at maximum speed,
  • 120km in CRUISE mode driving in and around the city
  • and 160km in GO mode.


The simplicity of PURSANG technology paired with a BOSCH motor virtually eliminates any need for the maintenance typical of motorcycles with combustion engines.
Forget about changing your oil and air filters or the wearing down of your clutch…
With PURSANG, you will only have to think about the condition of your wheels and brake pads.
PURSANG E-Tracks are low voltage electric motorcycles, so your regular mechanic will be equipped to make any small repairs necessary.


When you buy an electric motorcycle, you start saving money on the day of purchase and continue to do so throughout the life of your motorcycle.
In addition, factors such as public assistance as well as gasoline and maintenance savings will quickly compensate for your initial investment.

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